Wisconsin’s North Shore Hidden Treasures That I Found

Check out a couple of cool places that will be in upcoming Wisconsin videos very soon.

Traveling along the Wisconsin Highway 13 Scenic Byway is a must to add to your bucket list. Going thru the small towns and waterfront marinas, like the stop I made at Cornucopia Wisconsin, which you will see in upcoming videos.

I found several Shipwrecks, like the “The Ruby” The “Twin Sisters” and “The Liberty”

Plus an Excellent beach, and museum that is only open on the weekend.

Very relaxing slow-paced drive on paved roads.  Plus the big bonus is the cooler temperatures, while the country is experiencing major heat waves 

This upper north shore along the Great Lakes is perfect Mostly 70-80 degrees. There is some humidity but very cool and comfortable at night for a good night's sleep.

See you all soon.


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