RV Boondocking Basics

RV Boondocking Basics: How to Live Off the Grid in Your RV

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Boondocking, or what I like to call “playing hide and seek with civilization,” is the art of RVing without hookups—no water, no electricity, and no sewer connections. It’s just you, your RV, and the great wide open. The allure here is pretty clear: unbridled freedom and a hefty slice of adventure. You get to wake up to untouched natural beauty and live like a modern-day nomad, all while your nearest neighbor might be a curious squirrel or a wandering deer.

On the flip side, this off-grid lifestyle comes with its quirks. You’ll need to master the fine art of conserving water, and power, and staying sane while your only Netflix is the starry sky above. Yet, despite the challenges, the serenity and connection to nature make every quirky moment worth it. Check out our guide to RV Boondocking Basics, and get prepared for your next adventure.

Planning Your RV Boondocking Adventure

Alrighty, let’s talk about finding that primo spot for RV boondocking, or as I like to call it, “scoring a free room with a view.” When you’re on the hunt for the perfect free camping spot, the adventure begins before you even park your RV.

First up, embrace the power of the internet! Websites and apps like Campendium, FreeCampsites.net, and iOverlander are like treasure maps guiding you to hidden gems where you can park your rig without dropping a dime. But remember, the best spots aren’t just free—they’re a secret between you, Mother Nature, and maybe a squirrel or two.

Now, don’t just trust what you read online like you wouldn’t trust a raccoon with your lunch. Check the local regulations. This isn’t just a buzzkill step; it’s your ticket to staying on the right side of the law while you live your off-grid dream. Contact local BLM (Bureau of Land Management) offices, Forest Service stations, or any relevant local authorities to get the scoop on where you can legally park your home on wheels.

The key to RV boondocking bliss is preparation. Knowing the rules, like the length of stay limits, fire regulations, and wildlife precautions, ensures your adventure doesn’t turn into a season of “Survivor.” And remember, just because it’s free doesn’t mean there aren’t any rules. Tread lightly, leave no trace, and keep those wild spaces wild for the next adventurous soul!

So, there you have it. With a bit of research, a respect for the land, and an adventurous spirit, you’ll find those perfect spots to park your RV where the only nightly charge is the awe of staring up at a billion stars.  Click on the picture below to watch my video and learn more about RV Boondocking.  Happy boondocking!

Essential RV Boondocking Equipment

Alright, let’s gear up for a wild ride into the heart of boondocking country with the ultimate “Off-Grid Survival Kit for the Stylish Nomad.” This isn’t your average camping checklist—nope, we’re going full MacGyver meets Mother Nature here!

1. Solar Power Systems: First and foremost, you’ll want to grab some solar panels because, let’s face it, relying on good weather and good moods is a bit of a gamble. Slap those sunny side up on your RV to soak up all that glorious solar energy. Add in a high-tech charge controller (MPPT for the win!), a beefy battery setup (lithium if you’re feeling fancy), and a power inverter to keep the juice flowing smoothly. Now you can power your blender for margaritas under the stars—because of priorities.

2. Water Filters and Conservation Tools: Water is life, so let’s make sure yours isn’t crunchy. A good water filtration system is a must—think something robust enough to make a murky pond resemble bottled spring water. Toss in some water-saving gadgets like low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators, because the only thing we don’t want running freely is our water supply. And if you really want to impress your fellow nomads, start talking about your greywater recycling hacks.

3. Comfy, Yet Compact Furniture: What’s RV boondocking if not a chance to show off your compact, multi-functional furniture? Chairs that fold into ladders, tables that turn into dance floors—okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea.

4. Portable Power Stations and Generators: For those times when the sun decides to play hide and seek, have a backup power source. A portable generator or extra power station can save the day, and save you from early bedtime at 7 PM.

5. Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty: Don’t forget a GPS for when you’re so off the grid, even the birds ask for directions. A weather radio to keep tabs on whether you’ll need sunscreen or a submarine, and LED lights because stumbling over in the dark is only funny in movies.

6. Emergency Kit and Tools: Last but not least, pack an emergency kit thicker than a plot in a telenovela. This includes tools for basic RV repairs, first aid supplies, and enough snacks to outlast any unexpected plot twists Mother Nature throws your way.

With this gear, you’re not just prepared, you’re prepared to do it in style. So hit the road, find your slice of nowhere, and set up camp. Just remember, the real secret to successful RV boondocking is enjoying the peace of nature without realizing you’re freeloading off it. Happy trails, nomads!

Solar Power Systems

First off, let’s harness the power of the sun—because who wants to run a generator that sounds like a snoring bear all night? A robust RV solar power setup is your new best friend. You’ll want a mix of solar panels, a reliable charge controller, a powerful inverter, and enough batteries to store that sweet, sweet solar juice. This setup isn’t just for keeping the lights on and your phone charged; it’s about maintaining an appearance of civilization in the wilderness.  Click on the picture below, to watch more about solar power and its ability.

Solar Power Systems – The Nitty-Gritty:

  • Panels: You’ve got options here! Monocrystalline panels are more efficient and perform better in lower light, making them a great choice for those who chase the sun but sometimes find themselves under cloud cover. Polycrystalline panels can be more cost-effective and are perfect if you’re bathing in sunlight most days.
  • Charge Controllers: This little gadget is crucial. It manages the voltage coming from your solar panels, charging your batteries optimally without overcharging. A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller is the top of the line as it maximizes power extraction under all conditions, but they’re pricier. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers are more budget-friendly and do a fine job under consistent, sunny conditions.
  • Batteries: Here’s where you store all that solar goodness. Lithium batteries are the gold standard for RV solar setups. They’re lighter, charge faster, last longer, and offer more usable capacity than their lead-acid or AGM counterparts. They’re an investment, sure, but think of them as the deluxe suite of battery options.
  • Inverter: This device converts DC electricity stored in your batteries into AC power to run all your household appliances. Depending on your needs, you might opt for a modified sine wave inverter (more economical) or a pure sine wave inverter (better for delicate electronics).
  • Monitoring System: Keep an eye on your energy production and consumption with a solar monitoring system. This can help you manage your power use more effectively and avoid being left in the dark—literally.

Setting up a solar system is like turning your RV into a mini Earth-friendly power plant. You’re not just saving on campground fees; you’re also reducing your environmental footprint. It’s a win-win, with a side of extra green! With these components, your RV will be ready to face the off-grid world with its sunny side up.

Water Filters and Conservation Tools

Next, let’s talk H2O. Water is like gold when you’re out in the sticks, so a good water filtration system is crucial. Whether you’re sipping from a pristine stream or making do with what you’ve got, a solid filter will keep things tasty and toxin-free. And don’t forget about conservation! Equip your RV with low-flow showerheads and faucets, and maybe even a foot pump for your sink to control water flow like a miser with his pennies.

Water Filters and Conservation Tools – Dive Deeper

Water Filters: Clean, safe drinking water is a must, so invest in a high-quality water filtration system. There are several types:

  • Sediment Filters: Remove dirt, rust, and other solids from water.
  • Carbon Filters: Improve taste and odor and reduce contaminants like chlorine.
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: Offer the highest level of purification, removing almost all contaminants, including bacteria and viruses. However, they do require more maintenance and water pressure.
  • UV Water Purifiers: Use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses—great for ensuring the water from any natural source is safe to drink.
  • Conservation Tools: Saving water is as crucial as purifying it. Here are a few gadgets and practices that can help: 
  • Aerators: Install these on faucets to reduce flow without compromising water pressure, ideal for washing hands or dishes.
  • High-efficiency Toilets: Consider upgrading to a composting toilet or a portable camping toilet that uses less water. These are not only water savers but also reduce the need for black water disposal.
  • Shower Head Water Savers: Low-flow shower heads or ones with a shut-off valve can dramatically cut down water use. You get wet, turn off the water to lather up, and turn it back on to rinse off—all without sacrificing the bliss of a good shower.

Smart Practices: Simple habits can lead to significant savings:

  • Catch Water: Place a bucket in the shower to catch excess water while waiting for it to warm up. Use this for flushing toilets or watering plants.
  • Reuse Grey Water: If permissible and safe, reuse grey water for tasks like flushing toilets or cleaning floors.
  • Scheduled Water Checks: Regularly check for leaks and address them promptly to prevent water wastage.

Water management while RV boondocking isn’t just about having enough to drink; it’s about creating a sustainable system that reduces your environmental footprint and extends your stays in nature. By filtering your water and using it judiciously, you turn your RV into a true eco-friendly nomadic home. Plus, who doesn’t love a good challenge like trying to make a single gallon of water last longer than a smartphone battery? Happy conserving!

Comfy, Yet Compact Furniture

Alright, let’s talk about the unsung heroes of RV boondocking comfort—compact and multifunctional furniture. When space in your RV is more valuable than a clean public restroom during a road trip, every piece of furniture needs to play multiple roles. Think of a chair that doubles as a step ladder for those hard-to-reach spots or a table that transforms into a bed quicker than you can say “magic trick.” And let’s not forget about sofas that secretly stash extra storage space or fold out into a guest bed for when you convince someone that off-grid living is just as cool as it sounds. Investing in furniture that’s as versatile as a Swiss army knife not only saves space but also makes your RV feel like a cozy, well-equipped fortress on wheels. So, pack smart and live large, even when you’re living small!  Click on the picture below, to see about some of these fun portable chairs.

Portable Power Stations and Generators

Alrighty, let’s shine a spotlight on those silent sentinels of power supply—the portable power stations and generators. These guys are the unsung heroes when the sun decides to take a little nap or plays a game of hide-and-seek behind some stubborn clouds.

  • Portable Power Stations: Think of these as your magical power chests. They’re like giant batteries that can charge up everything from your phone to your fridge, and they do it without making a peep. Perfect for when you want to maintain the serenity of your scenic spot without the background hum of a generator. Plus, they’re eco-friendly, storing energy from either your solar panels or when you occasionally hook up to civilization. They come in various sizes, so whether you need to power a light bulb or a luxury RV (because who doesn’t need a disco ball on their boondocking adventure?), there’s one to fit your power cravings.
  • Generators: Now, when you need a bit more oomph and the power station just won’t cut it, it’s time to call in the big guns—generators. These are your go-to for high-energy needs, capable of keeping everything running smoothly when extra power is the game. Yes, they can be a bit noisy, and yes, they run on fuel, but modern inverter generators have become quieter and more fuel-efficient than their clunky ancestors. They’re like that loud friend who always brings the party—sometimes you just need that extra boost.

Whether you lean towards the whisper-quiet convenience of a power station or the robust readiness of a generator, having one (or both) as part of your RV boondocking gear ensures you won’t be left in the dark or miss the finale of your favorite show. Because let’s be honest, a night under the stars is magical, but so is catching the latest episode of your guilty pleasure TV show in the middle of nowhere. Keep that power flowing, and keep the adventure going!

Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

Alright, let’s gear up and get into the gadget groove! When you’re boondocking, it’s not just about having a place to sleep—it’s about decking out your mobile abode with all sorts of cool gadgets and gizmos that make life off the grid as comfy as your favorite pair of slippers. Let’s take a peek into the gadget goodie bag!

  • 1. Weather Radio: This isn’t your grandpa’s old transistor radio. A modern weather radio can keep you one step ahead of Mother Nature. Whether she’s planning a surprise party with thunderstorms or a serene sunny soiree, you’ll be the first to know. It’s like having your own personal weather forecaster tucked in your pocket—minus the cheesy jokes.
  • 2. GPS Navigation: In the wild, losing your way is no joke (despite the tales it might later tell). A robust GPS system ensures you can always find your back to civilization—or further away from it if that’s your jam. It’s like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb trail, but electronic and 100% bird-proof.
  • 3. LED Lighting: Light up your life (or at least your campsite) with some energy-efficient LED lights. Whether you string them around your awning, line them inside your cozy confines, or use them to illuminate a late-night read, they’re a must-have for setting the perfect off-grid ambiance. Plus, they’re as energy-efficient as a marathon runner on a carb load—long-lasting and bright.
  • 4. Multi-tool: Never underestimate the power of a good multi-tool—the Swiss Army knife of the boondocking world. Whether you’re opening cans, making minor repairs, or fending off a rogue marshmallow stick, a multi-tool has your back.
  • 5. Portable Solar Panels: Besides the big ones you’ve got on your roof, having a few portable solar panels can be a game-changer. They’re like little sun catchers that you can move around to soak up every ray, ensuring your portable power station stays plump with power.

These gadgets and gizmos aren’t just fun toys; they’re the bread and butter of a smooth and snazzy RV boondocking experience. So, pack up these tech treats and get ready to conquer the wild with a smirk, because who said roughing it couldn’t be done with a bit of flair and a lot of tech?

RV Boondocking Emergency Kit and Tools

Alright, let’s talk about the unsung hero of any boondocking adventure—the Emergency Kit & Tools! This isn’t just a box of band-aids and a few screwdrivers. No, this is your ultimate “Oh no!” kit, ready to tackle any curveballs the great outdoors decides to pitch at you.

  • 1. Comprehensive First Aid Kit: This kit should be so well-stocked, that it could double as a small field hospital. We’re talking about everything from adhesive bandages for those minor scrapes to antiseptics, pain relievers, and maybe even a splint or two for the more dramatic days. Think of it as your health armor in the wilderness.
  • 2. Tool Set: A good set of tools can mean the difference between a quick fix and a major ordeal. Include essentials like screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, a multi-bit wrench, and duct tape (because, let’s be honest, duct tape fixes almost everything). It’s like having a mini hardware store on wheels.
  • 3. Emergency Roadside Kit: This should include all the goodies you need if your RV decides to take a spontaneous nap on the side of the road. We’re talking jumper cables, tow rope, tire pressure gauge, and an emergency warning triangle. Basically, everything you need to either get moving again or make your stationary situation safe until help arrives.
  • 4. Flashlights and Extra Batteries: Because stumbling around in the dark trying to find the bathroom or a lost shoe isn’t just annoying, it can be a hazard. Keep several flashlights or headlamps handy, along with a generous supply of batteries. Consider some rechargeable options that can be powered up during your solar panel’s sunny day job.
  • 5. Fire Extinguisher: This is a must-have for safety. Keep a fire extinguisher accessible and make sure everyone knows how to use it. It’s not just for show—it could literally be a lifesaver.
  • 6. Extra Food and Water Supplies: Always pack more than you think you’ll need. Non-perishable food, extra water jugs, and perhaps some treats to boost morale if you get stranded longer than planned. It’s like packing for a surprise party where the surprise is you might need to sustain yourself longer than expected!

Equip your RV with these essentials, and you’ll be more than ready to handle most things that come your way. Think of this kit as your safety net, letting you walk the tightrope of adventure with a bit more confidence. So pack up, roll out, and remember, it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! Happy trails, intrepid boondocker!

Managing Power and Energy While Boondocking

Alright, power managers and energy savers, buckle up! We’re diving into the electrifying world of managing power and conserving energy while RV boondocking, because who wants to run out of juice when you’re jamming to your favorite tunes in the middle of nowhere?

Solar Power & Battery Basics 

First off, let’s chat about solar power. It’s like planting a garden on your RV roof—but instead of tomatoes, you’re harvesting sweet, sweet electricity. The sun is your best pal out here, and with the right setup of solar panels and batteries, it’s going to keep things running smoothly. Make sure your battery bank is beefy enough to store all that solar goodness. Think of your batteries as your savings account, where you deposit energy during the day and make withdrawals at night.

Energy Conservation: Conservation is king in the RV boondocking realm! Here are a few royal decrees.

LEDs Only, Please: Replace all your bulbs with LED lights. They’re like the energy-saving knights of the lighting world, using a fraction of the power of their less efficient ancestors.

Appliance Audits: Be mindful of your appliance use. That microwave? A real power hog. Consider alternative cooking methods like gas stoves or even solar ovens. And remember, every time you open the fridge, a little bit of your cold air escapes—so think before you peek!

Unplug the Vampires: Devices can suck power even when they’re off. Unplug anything you’re not using. Yes, that means you might have to say goodbye to your toaster when it’s not in toast-making mode.

Smart Usage & Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your consumption. Use a power meter to track how much energy you’re using and identify what’s gobbling up the most juice. It’s like having a fitness tracker but for your RV’s energy health.

Efficient Battery Management

Treat your batteries like fine wine—they need care and attention. Make sure they’re charged properly (not too little, not too much), and keep them clean and cool. Overcharging or letting them drain too low can send your precious power savings down the drain.

Backup Plans

Have a backup power source. Whether it’s a portable generator or extra power banks, it’s always good to have an ace in the hole. You know, for those cloudy days when the sun decides to play hooky.

Managing power while RV boondocking doesn’t have to be a drag. With some smart setups and savvy conservation, you’ll keep your energy levels high and your stress levels low. So keep those panels clean, those batteries charged, and enjoy your freedom from the grid. Energy independence looks good on you!

RV Boondocking Safety and Etiquette in the Wild

Guidelines for staying safe while boondocking.

Alrighty, boondocks, let’s chat about staying safe while you’re out there being a wild and free off-grid adventurer. Think of safety like the less fun parent at the party, but trust me, you’ll want to invite them along! First off, always let someone know where you’re going, even if it’s just your rubber ducky—better safe than sorry! Keep your doors locked, because raccoons are sneaky and might want to join you for a midnight snack. Don’t forget to stock up on safety gear like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and a map. Yes, a real paper map, because sometimes old school is the best school, especially when your GPS decides to take a nap. Be bear-aware, critter-cautious, and weather-wise. Remember, nature is like that friend who’s beautiful and fun but can get a bit unpredictable. So stay alert, stay prepared, and keep boondocking boldly!

Etiquette for interacting with nature and fellow boondockers.

When you’re out boondocking and enjoying the great wild yonder, remember that good manners go a long way—especially when your nearest neighbor might be a squirrel or a fellow freedom-seeker parked just a stone’s throw away. The first rule of RV boondocking etiquette: be like a ninja—leave no trace that you were ever there, except maybe a little less dust. Keep the noise down, because no one needs a 5 a.m. alarm clock courtesy of your generator. Always wave to your fellow boondockers; it’s like the secret handshake of the wilderness. Share the view, not your entire life story, unless asked—people are here for nature’s peace, not the latest gossip. And hey, if you borrow something like a cup of sugar or a tool, return it with a smile (and maybe a freshly baked cookie). By keeping it clean, quiet, and friendly, you’ll be the boondocker everyone wants next door!

Connecting with the RV Boondocking Community

Resources and forums for sharing experiences and finding RV boondocking buddies.

Alright, all you internet explorers and digital nomads, let’s talk about where you can gab, gabble, and gossip about all things RV boondocking! The web is chock-full of forums and resources where you can share tall tales, swap tips, and even find some boondocking buddies to join your next off-grid escapade. Dive into the digital depths of places like the RVillage (Facebook page) or the Xscapers community, where the campfire chat never ends, and everyone’s eager to share their best boondocking spots or their worst rookie mistakes (like that time someone forgot to pack the toilet paper—yikes!). Don’t forget about good ol’ Reddit, where subreddits like r/boondocking are gold mines of information and camaraderie. And for those who prefer their advice with a side of visual inspiration, there’s always YouTube, where channels galore broadcast everything from serene sunsets to how-to hacks for living the unplugged life. So log in, link up, and let the shared stories inspire your next adventure. Just remember, everyone’s there to help each other out—because even the wildest wanderer needs a buddy sometimes!


Hey, you wild-hearted wanderlusters! RV Boondocking isn’t just about parking your home on wheels in the middle of nowhere—it’s about tasting true freedom with a side of starlit skies. It’s waking up to nothing but the sound of birds arguing over breakfast and going to sleep under a blanket of stars that city folk only see in planetariums. But remember, with great freedom comes great prep work! Make sure your RV is as ready to embrace the wild as you are, with all the gear and know-how to keep you comfy, cozy, and safe. So, gear up, plan, and roll out into the adventure of off-grid RV living. Embrace the quirks, cherish the quiet, and let every unpaved road lead you to new memories. Trust me, the world’s a lot bigger from the doorstep of your RV, and it’s all waiting for you just a boondock away!

Have fun Boondocking All:


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