Turner Falls Park Oklahoma

Turner Falls Park Oklahoma

Turner Falls Park is a popular outdoor recreation area located in the Arbuckle Mountains of southern Oklahoma, USA. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, including waterfalls, swimming holes, hiking trails, and various recreational activities. Here is some information about Turner Falls Park:

1)  Waterfalls: The park’s main attraction is the 77-foot tall Turner Falls, which is one of the tallest waterfalls in Oklahoma. The falls cascade into a natural swimming pool at the base, making it a picturesque spot for visitors to swim and relax.

2)  Natural Swimming: Turner Falls Park offers several natural swimming areas, including the Turner Falls swimming area and the Collings Castle swimming area. These areas provide visitors with opportunities to cool off in the clear, spring-fed waters of Honey Creek.

3)  Hiking Trails: There are several hiking trails in the park, ranging from easy to moderate difficulty levels. The trails offer scenic views of the surrounding forests, hills, and waterfalls. Some popular trails include the Dr. Collings Trail and the Three Caves Trail.

4)  Caves: The park is home to several caves, including the famous Collings Castle, which is a man-made cave and castle-like structure built in the 1930s. Exploring these caves can be an exciting adventure for visitors

5)  Picnic Areas: Turner Falls Park has designated picnic areas with tables and grills, making it a great place for a family picnic or a barbecue outing.

6)  Camping: The park offers both RV and tent camping facilities. There are campsites with electric and water hookups, as well as primitive camping areas. Camping is a popular way to experience the park’s natural beauty up close

7)  Wildlife and Nature: The park is home to a variety of wildlife, and visitors may spot animals like deer, squirrels, and various bird species. The natural setting provides an opportunity for nature enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors.

8)  Seasonal Hours: Turner Falls Park typically operates seasonally, with opening dates in the spring and closing dates in the fall. It’s a good idea to check the official website or contact the park for current operating hours and admission fees.

9)  Additional Activities: In addition to swimming, hiking, and picnicking, visitors can enjoy other activities like fishing (with a valid Oklahoma fishing license), volleyball, and exploring the park’s scenic beauty.

10)  Nearby Attractions: The park is located near other attractions in the Arbuckle Mountains, including the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and the Arbuckle Wilderness, making it part of a larger outdoor destination in the region.

Turner Falls Park is a popular destination for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enjoy the natural beauty of southern Oklahoma. It offers a wide range of activities and a tranquil escape into nature.


STORM CELL PICTURE while I was in Oklahoma.

 I caught this picture as a big storm cell was going by, while I was in Oklahoma.  This storm did not hit where I was staying.  But, it did cause a lot of hail and rain in towns it did hit, 20 miles away from me.  I thought this was a pretty cool picture.  I have never seen a storm cell like this. Kinda scary clouds, but unique.


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