Ardmore Oklahoma Museum

Ardmore Oklahoma Museum      

The Greater Southwest Historical Museum is the premier museum of south-central Oklahoma history. Exhibits at the museum have a wide range of focus and utilize many unique artifacts collected from around the area.

Everything from an early electric car to one of the earliest examples of a steam-pumper fire engine can be found here. The largest artifact is the museum building itself. Built in 1935-1936 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) this imposing limestone walled structure was originally used as the local National Guard Armory. In May 2017, the Museum completed construction of its largest addition to date, “Tools of Our Land.” Tools of Our Land features two new 5,000-square-foot buildings, outlining the farming and ranching history of the area.


Other major exhibits are housed in three main wings. To the north, the Transportation and Industry Gallery outlines the early industries of South Central Oklahoma: the railroad, cotton, and oil industries. This wing also includes early carriages, saddles, soapbox derby cars, and a working model of oil field equipment.

The south wing of the Museum includes our “From the Ashes” exhibit, the Fonville Gallery, the Genealogical Library, and our newest exhibit, which outlines items found in the area’s early homes. Some highlights of the wing includes Ardmore’s first fire engine and hand tools used by early farmers.

The west wing features the Military Memorial Museum, dedicated to the preservation of military history from the American Revolution to the Gulf Wars, and honoring our Nation’s veterans.

Two main features of the Military Memorial Museum are its painting from a World War II barrack building from the Ardmore Army Airbase, and its display of uniforms representing the seven uniformed services of the United States. The Military Memorial Museum is likely the only military museum in the nation that features these two items.

This was one of my favorite museums.


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Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum

The Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Gene Autry, a legendary American entertainer, singer, actor, and cowboy. The museum is located in Gene Autry, a small town in southern Oklahoma, United States. Here are some key details about the museum:

History: The museum was established to honor the life and career of Gene Autry, who was born in Tioga, Texas, in 1907. Gene Autry had a multifaceted career, spanning music, film, television, and radio, and he is often referred to as “The Singing Cowboy.” He is best known for his hit songs, including “Back in the Saddle Again” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Museum Exhibits: The Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum features a collection of memorabilia, artifacts, and exhibits that showcase Autry’s life and contributions to American popular culture. Visitors can explore his music career, filmography, and his impact on the Western genre in Hollywood.

Memorabilia: The museum houses a diverse range of items associated with Gene Autry, such as his iconic cowboy hats, costumes, guitars, and personal belongings. These artifacts provide visitors with a glimpse into the life and career of this beloved entertainer.

Autry’s Connection to the Town: Gene Autry, the town’s namesake, had a special connection to the community, and he often visited the area during his career. The town of Gene Autry, Oklahoma, was renamed in his honor in 1941.

Events and Programs: The museum may host various events and programs throughout the year, such as special exhibitions, educational programs, and musical performances, which celebrate Autry’s legacy and Western heritage.

Location: Gene Autry, Oklahoma, is situated in Carter County, approximately 15 miles south of Ardmore. The museum is easily accessible by car and is a destination for fans of Gene Autry and Western history.

Visitor Experience: Visitors to the Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum can expect an informative and immersive experience that pays tribute to one of the most iconic figures in American entertainment history.

Check out this museum if you are passing through Oklahoma.  You’ll enjoy it.

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